Cozy Snow Day Look

Dont we all just want to snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good book on snow days? I know I do.. but sometimes we have to venture out in the real world and participate in life. This Cute and cozy look will help brighten up your otherwise dull and cold day, and its all under $50.  Add a bright lip and you’ll be ready for the day. 

Dress: Joyce Leslie- $14.99

Boots: Platos Closet- $24.

Necklace: MadRag-$4.99 

Model: Casey H 


5 Minute Valentine’s Day Deco DIY 

 Woah, that’s a lot of D’s.. 

     This super easy heart garland can brighten up any room and make it seem as if you’ve been ready for this party for months. When just ordered the food last night, ran to the bakery this morning for treats, and well, DIY’d all your deco. 

All you need is some ribon, string, paper, and optional tassels. 

1. Cut out hearts and whole punch two holes on each side.

2. String ribon through and secure with hot glue at ends. 

3. Outline the letters in hot glue and then attach ribbon or string to spell out love.

4. Add some tassels to the end 

* Enjoy your day and make sure it’s full of love ! 

A Few Faves This Month! 

 Nip + Fab products have not impressed me in the past but I ended up receiving a sample of the dragons blood fix plumping serum and loving it. I domt so much see a plumping effect but I do love the gel like consistency as a pre moisturizer. Those types seem to work really well with my oily skin type. I can wear this under makeup and don’t feel it at all. The smell is a bit like men’s cologne but that’s the only issue so far! 

Find it HERE 

I am loving Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume. It is the perfect scent and actually stays on fairly long. Always getting compliments when wearing it.

 Find it HERE

Fave foundation atm is definitely Calvin Klein 3 in 1 foundation! Its oil free with spf and feels weightless on your skin. It glides on my face and blends in so well. It stays on all day(unless you get caught in the rain ir cry). It was really difficult to finally find my shade. I could only find it at ulta?! A bonus is it smells good! 

Find it HERE

Benefit Total Moisture facial cream: I love this as a moisturizer before bed only. It makes my face smooth and super hydrated  but is a little too heavy for morning or under makeup.

Find it HERE

Anthro candles: How am I suppossed to describe a scent?! Its just really good, okay? 

Find it HERE 


KHkidz Fundraising

I am doing a little fundraising if you feel like lending a smile please do !


Kasie Helpz Kidz is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission aimed at assisting Kidz and their families whom are affected by cancer. 

This year we have decided to host a Fashion show and Carnival for the affected children and families, but we need your help. As a volunteer myself I ask if you could give as much as you can so we can see these children smile. It is the volunteer’s (my) goal to raise 250.00 to see the show and carnival through. It may seem like a lot but with the help if everyone we can make these children’s dreams come true.

Vanity Revamp 

Looking at your vanity can be a little hectic.. There are so many different products and categories.. Organizing it, and keeping it that way, can be a little bit more work than you think. We all want our makeup collection to look like one of the youtube stars, but lets be real, we can’t all afford too. As I was looking at my messy piles of makeup I decided it needed a change. I organized and painted her and now shes like brand new! Here are some tips aive gathered while revamping my vanity, incase you feel like doing the same. 

  One thing you’ll definitely need to keep your area professional and clean is an organizer. This is where things can get pricey if you don’t shop around. ( So I did that for you!) 

  We’ve all been obsessing over the adorable clear acrylic containers with separators that make our vanity look ever so classy.. Only problem is they can go up to $100.

    So I shopped around for an alternative and found similar ones for about 8$. They can be found at stores like T.j Maxx. 

The little separators were helpful for little things like lipsticks but I needed more.

Upon my weekly trip to Michaels ( craft obsession, I know!), I spotted the most adorable and affordable organizer. 

     No, its not made specifically for makeup, but it does the trick, and they were on sale for only about $12! They have 5 huge drawers that I separated into : 

1. Eyelashes , glue 

2. Eyes (shadows, eyeliners)

3. Face products( blush, bronzer, powder)

4. Mascara

5. Brushes. The brush drawer is especially helpful because I never seem to have enough space in my glass brush holders for all of them. 

I got a large wooden makeup seperater for christmas ( which can easily be a DIY), which I placed in the center. 

Adding a few candles loans a perfect cozy feel to your table top. 

 You definitely do not have to splurge to have your vanity looking near and clean. Hope this helps to keep your makeup organized and your vanity on point. 



Minnie Mouse tried to kill me..

Things I found in New York:












Spotted a pink hummer limo, couldn’t resist.












Thought it would be cute to snap a selfie with minnie.. Little did I know that soon after taking the photo she would grab me and start shouting tip, tip, tip!, and wouldn’t let go! Damn Minnie, a little too aggressive..

Visited the gorgeous Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s always a box to check off our list when in NY.









Bought a furry hat and keychain from a man who overshared about his life and ptsd.

Overall, it was an interesting day in the city, New York never dissapoints.

New York, is it December ?

New york in December, you would picture a soft snowy background, white twinkle lights and green garlands wrapped about the street lamps. But since this year the weather is playing a trick on us and it feels more like may, It’s still perfectly acceptable to wear a dress. Though there is no snow on the ground( and not much hope for any by Christmas), the streets are still ringing with cheer, and fashion

Todays Look:
Black shirt dress – H&M
Black lightweight dress coat-H&M
Olive Felted Hat- Smak Parlour Philly


On the rise; Companies that you should be watching, Great Society Company

On The Rise 

On the radar, Great Society Company is on the rise. This Philly based company has with an urban skater/chic feel has been growing fast this year and gaining much attention. They focus on simple pieces that anyone could incorporate in their daily look. A simple crew neck with their logo and their cool print 5 Panels can turn a boring look into an eye catching street wear look. Or if your feeling a little daring you can throw on the fierce Ski Mask Beanie into your look on a cold winter day, (just don’t plan on wearing it into a grocery store). With their clean and fresh look this company is sure to gain more attention this upcoming year and is definitely one you should keep your eye one. You can check out their Instagram and Twitter.

Xo Braids&Beauty