Blogger Bio: Christy Mel

IMG_6097Fashion. It’s fierce, fantastic, and sometimes very very strange. I fell in love with the fashion Industry at a young age and knew if I wanted to do anything it would be in the direction of Fashion. I am a college Fashion student at Philadelphia University: a truly amazing school with many connections to every industry. I am a Style Guru for College fashionista, a fashion site for College students. I have been designing forever but wish to enhance my abilities in college, so that’s what I am after. It’s no piece of cake. My first year has been busy busy busy with little play time. This encourages me though because I know I am working extremely hard for my goals. There have been times I feel like I might keel over from tiredness but I keep pushing, there is nothing I can not accomplish. being strong is only a piece to the puzzle of my life. I know how much it takes to make it, and everyday I am improving one of those aspects. I also believe strongly in helping others, sometimes going out of my way to make sure someone gets help. That’s why when I started designing when I was little, I made sure my profits went somewhere important. They usually went to St. Jude’s. That is one of my favorite organizations. It helps children with cancer that cannot afford the ridiculous bills. I hope some day to grow my very own business and help others while doing it. Fashion is a life style and it’s the life I have chosen. It’s time to take it a step further and show the world what  I am made of, persistence, drive, hope, love, and Fashion.


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