Spring Florals

Florals will always be a spring, even summer style. Florals have been seen over and over again and sometimes it gets boring. To avoid the same old Floral jeans/leggings or top look borrow some of my Spring Floral trend rules. Number one: don’t think a lot of floral is okay. I promise it isn’t. Head to toe Flowers is a little girls thing. Please don’t rock that no-no! One piece is good enough. Try a low toned pant, or a crop. 2. Background colors matter. Depending in your look, the background color of the floral is definitely important. You can either offset your other clothing pieces (in the right way), or match it. For example ; the white bauble crop with the white floral pants. 3. Never more than one floral print at once. A pink floral headband and purple floral tight with a green floral top is a Flogging Floral Mess. Thats a floral nightmare. I cant stress enough that one piece is suffice! To avoid looking like you’re wearing last seasons clothes, tone it down. Balance the bold floral print with a more natural color piece, like white, Taupe, or light pastels. Hope this springs Florals wear you well. Just remember, don’t over floral your welcome.




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