OSCARS 2014 Worst dressed

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals ugly

The oscars Red carpet was a blend of the fierce and flawless ensembles, mixed with the chintzy and callow looks. Pharrell Williams was among the callow. He hasn’t been able to get a handle on his fashion lately, has he? From the horrors of the Grammys, and now this. These looks have got us thinking, “Does he have a stylist, and what were they thinking”? Fashion is most definitely about taking risks, but his, have done him dirty. Lets start with the “shorts suit, I guess we can call it. A suit is to look sophisticated, coving up the body to show true elegance on a man. Pharrell found a way to turn the most respected outfit a man could own, into a trashy teenage nightmare. If you wanted to wear shorts to the Red carpet, which is already a mistake, then throw on some jean shorts, because they probably would have made you look less sloppy. After that he decided to wear the exact same out fit performing, as he did at the Grammys. He did decide to mix it up by changing his jacket color though. Good one Pharrell, you almost had us. I need not to mention the hat that has been the laughing stock. Why hasn’t Helen lasichahn ( his wife) stopped him from walking out of the house? maybe because she hasn’t grasped her own style either.

Someone needs to tell them the deal.


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