Interning : Leanne Marshall

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I recently got an internship with the lovely Designer and winner of Project Runway season 5, Leanne Marshall. I am now focusing on aspects of her social media. I want to get her name out there more so. Her work is absolutely stunning. I first saw her work in person at a NYFW Fashion show series this February at Helen Mills event space. Being backstage gives you a feeling that you would never know when just watching the models glide down the runway. The fear, hope, excitement. All those are just a few feelings I gathered from being backstage through models, designers, and even myself. When your assisting a Top designer and she asks for a lint roller, your mission is to find one, whatever it takes, you just better find one. Do the job, do it well, and hopefully get the credit later.

The atmosphere around Ms.Marshall was different. After the hectic dressings and getting everything together and all the models were ready to walk,  I took a glance at her and what I saw gave me true hope that someday I would be where she is, that I could accomplish my dreams. The makeup and hair teams added a few sprays or blush touch-ups just before the girls walked. The pure joy and happiness and in her eyes as her dresses floated down the runway. She held her hands by her face a bit anxious that everything would go right. I was so happy for her, I just gave her a simple thumbs up and a smile. She had no Idea that minutes before I was running rampid trying to find shoes that fit the models. Leanne Marshall is truly an inspiration, through her designs you see all the years of hard work she has out forth. It makes me believe all the extra hours I put in are worth it. It gives me that extra Umph to get up early for another long day of work after hardly any sleep.

Ms.Marshall has been doing amazing Trunk shows all over and is really making a mark in the Bridal Fashion industry. If you haven’t checked her out yet, what are you waiting for. Go be amazed like I was that day and continue to be because of the hope she gave me.





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