Hey dolls, so I came across an amazing dupe that I could not keep to myself. Considering how in demand Triangl swimwear, and also how pricey they are! I was a little hesitant at first but soon enough my package came and it was amazing! The pictures above show mine from Aliexpress, (left) and Triangl’s, ( right). Not many (or any)differences huh? So saving $59 dollars was definitely worth it. Its upper comfortable and the only issue I had was that you can’t alternate sizes for top and bottoms if they come in a set like this one. Although you can buy some separate pieces!

Where to get this amazing dupe for less than $40: Aliexpress by Alibaba online
Check out my video on how it looks etc!

Hope y’all enjoyed this and it helps you save and be in style this summer ! Let me know any questions you have!

xo Cmel


12 thoughts on “TRIANGL SWIMWEAR for $40?!

  1. I got your email about the Instagram picture giveaway and there is no picture to repost on Leannewithlove instagram?

  2. Hi there if possible can you show how it looks on? Because you said that it was a bit snug but I want to see if it is too much of a problem x

  3. I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but is the bikini you got triangl brand?? Or is it just a neoprene bikini that looks like it? I know it shouldn’t matter, I’m just wondering if it’s worth investing hahah thanksssss ❤

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