Not so Over after Alls

overs shopping As we know styles from the past like to spring back up and takeover again. We’ve seen it tame after time. Some recent throwbacks have been the crop top and high waist trend. I can remember laughing so hard at pictures of my mom in her super high-rise denim shorts and being like “how was that considered cute?!”, yet now, I’m totally rocking her old style. Also the “free” hippie look is totally a trend again, and now, I’ve been seeing quit a lot of overalls happening. So what do you think? Is this a new trend that’s coming back to stay. Or did the clothing manufacturers and stylist this year make a huge mistake? Personally, I like them. I think they are super cute for a fun casual day at the lake, or going on a picnic. You can throw on a crop underneath and some booties. To top it off a fun print kimono will add to the look in a perfect way. Try it on, you never know, you might like how moms old ones look on you. Let me know what you guys think about this possible trend.

Xo CMel


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