Festival Shmestival: Your Festival Wear Guide!



Its huge, its loud, and its Fashionable. If you’ve never been to a festival and want some tips on what the hell you wear to one of these things than keep reading. It’s a bit funny how were kind of more interested in the clothes and trends at festivals than the music.  Anyway there are a few basic things every girl needs  for festival wear.

NUMBER ONE: A kimono or some type of boho shall. This one above I made by hand. They are super easy and inexpensive to make on your own so I suggest doing it yourself instead of buying an overpriced one.

NUMBER TWO: Shades/Heart or round shaped

NUMBER THREE: High rise everything/shorts,maxi skirt

NUMBER FOUR: Flowered Crown/Headpiece

NUMBER FIVE: Fedora/ Floppy Hats

NUMBER SIX: Bralets/Crochet or lace

NUMBER SEVEN: Cutout Booties


NUMBER NINE: Crochet Crop Top

NUMBER TEN: Dangle Earrings

NUMBER ELEVEN: Matching top and bottoms

NUMBER TWELVE: Your Inner Hippie





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