Triangl Swimwear, is it worth the cost? (The Milly in Candy Pink)

Triangle swimwear, the brand of the summer. A piece every girl wants to get their hands on. Fortunately I was lucky enough to snag one. So here I am breaking it down and letting you know if it’s worth the money.
First of all let’s admire the beautiful design of the bikinis. Who would have thought neoprene bikinis would be a huge hit? But sure enough they are all over! I see them everywhere,the beach, the pool, not to mention Instagram! The designs are so intimate and I think that is what’s drawing so much attention and attraction. Everyone wants to look like a delicate flower in their swimsuits, and Triangl helped us with that. The Milly suit looks, in a sense, like intimate wear; a bra and panties. Which makes us feel pretty somehow. I’m not quite sure what it is but the feeling of being in your intimate wear makes you feel free. So props to the head designer because they knocked that one outta the park!
Going back to the fabric choice, neoprene is a beautiful fabric that is very hard to get in the U.S unless you have connections I’m sure, and is extremely expensive. I have been trying to get myself a sheet or two to design my own but considering the cost, it would be cheaper just to buy a Triangl bikini. So after research I realized that their costs where not so outrageous considering the output for just one piece.
Packaging can be a super exciting part of your purchase. And another star goes to Triangl for there classy and tasteful packaging. The matte black boxes with TRIANGL in glossy print, protect your neoprene suits which need to be kept safe so they don’t crease. They aren’t just pretty, they do their job too.
Triangl Swimwear is one of the more costly lines that In my opinion is worth the money. With the luxurious fabric and delicate designs, Triangl has won my heart, and I think it will win yours too.

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