Vanity Revamp 

Looking at your vanity can be a little hectic.. There are so many different products and categories.. Organizing it, and keeping it that way, can be a little bit more work than you think. We all want our makeup collection to look like one of the youtube stars, but lets be real, we can’t all afford too. As I was looking at my messy piles of makeup I decided it needed a change. I organized and painted her and now shes like brand new! Here are some tips aive gathered while revamping my vanity, incase you feel like doing the same. 

  One thing you’ll definitely need to keep your area professional and clean is an organizer. This is where things can get pricey if you don’t shop around. ( So I did that for you!) 

  We’ve all been obsessing over the adorable clear acrylic containers with separators that make our vanity look ever so classy.. Only problem is they can go up to $100.

    So I shopped around for an alternative and found similar ones for about 8$. They can be found at stores like T.j Maxx. 

The little separators were helpful for little things like lipsticks but I needed more.

Upon my weekly trip to Michaels ( craft obsession, I know!), I spotted the most adorable and affordable organizer. 

     No, its not made specifically for makeup, but it does the trick, and they were on sale for only about $12! They have 5 huge drawers that I separated into : 

1. Eyelashes , glue 

2. Eyes (shadows, eyeliners)

3. Face products( blush, bronzer, powder)

4. Mascara

5. Brushes. The brush drawer is especially helpful because I never seem to have enough space in my glass brush holders for all of them. 

I got a large wooden makeup seperater for christmas ( which can easily be a DIY), which I placed in the center. 

Adding a few candles loans a perfect cozy feel to your table top. 

 You definitely do not have to splurge to have your vanity looking near and clean. Hope this helps to keep your makeup organized and your vanity on point. 




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