A Few Faves This Month! 

 Nip + Fab products have not impressed me in the past but I ended up receiving a sample of the dragons blood fix plumping serum and loving it. I domt so much see a plumping effect but I do love the gel like consistency as a pre moisturizer. Those types seem to work really well with my oily skin type. I can wear this under makeup and don’t feel it at all. The smell is a bit like men’s cologne but that’s the only issue so far! 

Find it HERE 

I am loving Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume. It is the perfect scent and actually stays on fairly long. Always getting compliments when wearing it.

 Find it HERE

Fave foundation atm is definitely Calvin Klein 3 in 1 foundation! Its oil free with spf and feels weightless on your skin. It glides on my face and blends in so well. It stays on all day(unless you get caught in the rain ir cry). It was really difficult to finally find my shade. I could only find it at ulta?! A bonus is it smells good! 

Find it HERE

Benefit Total Moisture facial cream: I love this as a moisturizer before bed only. It makes my face smooth and super hydrated  but is a little too heavy for morning or under makeup.

Find it HERE

Anthro candles: How am I suppossed to describe a scent?! Its just really good, okay? 

Find it HERE 



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