Triangl Swimwear, is it worth the cost? (The Milly in Candy Pink)

Triangle swimwear, the brand of the summer. A piece every girl wants to get their hands on. Fortunately I was lucky enough to snag one. So here I am breaking it down and letting you know if it’s worth the money.
First of all let’s admire the beautiful design of the bikinis. Who would have thought neoprene bikinis would be a huge hit? But sure enough they are all over! I see them everywhere,the beach, the pool, not to mention Instagram! The designs are so intimate and I think that is what’s drawing so much attention and attraction. Everyone wants to look like a delicate flower in their swimsuits, and Triangl helped us with that. The Milly suit looks, in a sense, like intimate wear; a bra and panties. Which makes us feel pretty somehow. I’m not quite sure what it is but the feeling of being in your intimate wear makes you feel free. So props to the head designer because they knocked that one outta the park!
Going back to the fabric choice, neoprene is a beautiful fabric that is very hard to get in the U.S unless you have connections I’m sure, and is extremely expensive. I have been trying to get myself a sheet or two to design my own but considering the cost, it would be cheaper just to buy a Triangl bikini. So after research I realized that their costs where not so outrageous considering the output for just one piece.
Packaging can be a super exciting part of your purchase. And another star goes to Triangl for there classy and tasteful packaging. The matte black boxes with TRIANGL in glossy print, protect your neoprene suits which need to be kept safe so they don’t crease. They aren’t just pretty, they do their job too.
Triangl Swimwear is one of the more costly lines that In my opinion is worth the money. With the luxurious fabric and delicate designs, Triangl has won my heart, and I think it will win yours too.

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TREND Alert: Lace Tops



We all wish we could look like the adorable Pinterest/Tumblr girls in their lace tops or the gorgeous Free People models in there lovely lace dresses, and high-waisted shorts, but lets be real, we don’t. So Casey and I thought we’d test out the look. In Cape may, one of my favorite places to relax, we tried our luck with a lace top (literally from pinterest) and a maroon lace bralette from Urban Outfitters.
Jeans seem to be the perfect bottoms for a cool summer night by the shore. The first look I added some booties and waved my hair fort a more relaxed look.
Casey added some vintage black kitten heels, and went with a straight bob. Though we won’t be appearing in Free people ads anytime soon, we think we did a pretty good job. What do you think? Try the lace top look yourself, and if your feeling conservative, just add a tank underneath for extra coverage. If your feeling daring like we were, add a pop of color with a fun bralette and watch the eyes that will be on you all night.

xox, Mel

Candle Jars jewelry holder DIY !


Dont know what yo do with old candle jars? Heres a super easy and cute idea. use them as jewelry holders.
Heres how:
1. Place the jars under hot (very hot) water until wax rises to top of jar
2. Run the label or sticker on the front of the candle under hot water also and it should be very easy to pull off
3. Pull off the candle wick and metal holder
4. Clean out any extra wax residue with soap and water if needed
5. Your all set, place them in your room and just add jewelry! >

Trend Alert: Matching Game+ Giveaway !


This year has been full of fashion hits and misses and I’ve kept my eye out for the newest trends, the ones which I think will last more than a week. My little eye has spied on numerous occasions the adorable matching top and bottom trend. I have seen it done many ways. One way is the adored crop top matching prints with shorts. I’ve also seen a fun print crop and skirt coordinating. It’s been done with pants, maxis, and one of my favorite ways to do it is with a blazer and shorts. This look can be super easy to style, yet also could turn out a complete reck. This look already has enough going on with the prints so don’t overdo it. If your doing the blazer and short look try to dress it down with some simple white chicks so you don’t look like your going to a business meeting, unless that’s what you’re going for, then by all means, heel it up! On the other hand if your going to a festival, go with the crop and maxi look, add a fun bootie and fringe bag.
I recently hopped on the band wagon and got a Hawaiian print crop and a skort ( wow auto correct turned skort into skirt, uh hello skorts are still a thing!), anyway the look was so pattern focused that all I needed was a simple long cardi and the look was about done.

Show me your match game for a chance to win a hot summer lip color! Hashtag your photos on Instagram with #matchinggiveaway and tag me @christykisses8 , mixing prints was so last season, matching is what’s hot now.
Xo CMel




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Festival Shmestival: Your Festival Wear Guide!



Its huge, its loud, and its Fashionable. If you’ve never been to a festival and want some tips on what the hell you wear to one of these things than keep reading. It’s a bit funny how were kind of more interested in the clothes and trends at festivals than the music.  Anyway there are a few basic things every girl needs  for festival wear.

NUMBER ONE: A kimono or some type of boho shall. This one above I made by hand. They are super easy and inexpensive to make on your own so I suggest doing it yourself instead of buying an overpriced one.

NUMBER TWO: Shades/Heart or round shaped

NUMBER THREE: High rise everything/shorts,maxi skirt

NUMBER FOUR: Flowered Crown/Headpiece

NUMBER FIVE: Fedora/ Floppy Hats

NUMBER SIX: Bralets/Crochet or lace

NUMBER SEVEN: Cutout Booties


NUMBER NINE: Crochet Crop Top

NUMBER TEN: Dangle Earrings

NUMBER ELEVEN: Matching top and bottoms

NUMBER TWELVE: Your Inner Hippie




Not so Over after Alls

overs shopping As we know styles from the past like to spring back up and takeover again. We’ve seen it tame after time. Some recent throwbacks have been the crop top and high waist trend. I can remember laughing so hard at pictures of my mom in her super high-rise denim shorts and being like “how was that considered cute?!”, yet now, I’m totally rocking her old style. Also the “free” hippie look is totally a trend again, and now, I’ve been seeing quit a lot of overalls happening. So what do you think? Is this a new trend that’s coming back to stay. Or did the clothing manufacturers and stylist this year make a huge mistake? Personally, I like them. I think they are super cute for a fun casual day at the lake, or going on a picnic. You can throw on a crop underneath and some booties. To top it off a fun print kimono will add to the look in a perfect way. Try it on, you never know, you might like how moms old ones look on you. Let me know what you guys think about this possible trend.

Xo CMel



Hey dolls, so I came across an amazing dupe that I could not keep to myself. Considering how in demand Triangl swimwear, and also how pricey they are! I was a little hesitant at first but soon enough my package came and it was amazing! The pictures above show mine from Aliexpress, (left) and Triangl’s, ( right). Not many (or any)differences huh? So saving $59 dollars was definitely worth it. Its upper comfortable and the only issue I had was that you can’t alternate sizes for top and bottoms if they come in a set like this one. Although you can buy some separate pieces!

Where to get this amazing dupe for less than $40: Aliexpress by Alibaba online
Check out my video on how it looks etc!

Hope y’all enjoyed this and it helps you save and be in style this summer ! Let me know any questions you have!

xo Cmel